I found this before & after collage of 3 Victoria’s Secret Angels that I thought was really “revealing”. 

Obviously these girls are beautiful with AND without makeup… but the power of good hair and makeup and a good photoshop artist clearly alters them significantly.. which is the THEM that most of us see on a daily basis in advertisements, commercials, catalogs and pictures online. I know first hand it can take a serious toll on one’s self-esteem! Not only am I a girl with my own insecurities, but I studied psychology… AND am a photographer’s assistant and retouch artist.. I get to see all sides of the coin, if you will. It’s rare that you get to see models au naturale and I think it should happen more often! Girls should get to see that photoshop, good lighting and hours of hair and makeup, tanning, dieting, exercising and numerous other tricks go into making these girls look beyond perfect! 

It’s just further proof that “perfection” is not attainable. It is NORMAL to have flaws! Even the top supermodels have flaws! We are all human and our imperfections should be embraced.. we are all unique and special in different ways and that should be something to be proud of, not ashamed of! 

This post is posted on Friday 24 February 2012.
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