For some of you who have been eating clean in a caloric deficit for a long period of time, “plateauing” becomes a problem. A plateau is when your body reaches a state where it is no longer making notable changes. Some people find carb cycling to be an effective means for fat loss. Here are some tips regarding carb cycling for those of you interested in trying it to break that plateau:

High carb days should be on leg day, or your heaviest training days. You should expect that you may gain some water weight, particularly after a high carb day. A carb is not just a carb, you must choose healthy, wholesome, COMPLEX sources such as sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, steel-cut oats, NOT cookies, crackers and candy! You should decrease your fat intake on high carb days to avoid getting too high with your calories. And of course, maintain your total weekly calorie intake for the week!

Here is an example of what that might look like:

Day-1: 150 grams 
Day-2: 100 grams 
Day-3: 50 grams 
Day-4: 125 grams 
Day-5: 200 grams

This post is posted on Wednesday 28 December 2011.
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